I have recently created two photo books, both called Spectacle, for one of my university units. The project was a collaboration between myself, two designers and two models. The first book featured honeycomb-inspired 3D lighting designs by Theresa Kitching who recently graduated from Manchester School of Art. I wanted to merge fashion and sculptural art by focusing on the pieces which are presented as clothing in an Avant Garde style, to explore the limitations of fashion and how we wear items.






For my final major project, I have researched ancient symbols and geometric patterns from nature and recreated them using digital software. Everything in the universe is geometric and can be measured on a geometric scale, including non-tangible things such as thoughts and music. These ancient symbols have been adopted by several religions and cultures, but they do not belong to any specific group of people as they are universal patterns from nature. However, I have designed a mandala in this series which is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol representing the universe. the symbols and shapes in my compositions, were designed centuries ago, I have just recreated them using digital software and combined them with my photography. 


Artist Statement

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a creation pattern of everything in existence. It consists of several circles that overlap and the centre of every circle sits on the circumference of the immediate circles of the same diameter. When two circles have been designed following this formula, the vesica piscis symbol is created and three circles create the holy trinity. In addition, when seven circles have been designed following the same formula, the seed of life is created. The seed of life represents the eight original cells which creates human life. The flower of life originated from Egypt in the second century. The fruit of life, metatron’s cube and the tree of life are all derived from the flower of life design when completed with all circles.